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Returning to the Fold


Life has a habit of continuous surprise and it sprang a beauty on me and my partner in October 2015 .  The surprise was of such magnitude that I ceased to blog, take photographs and resorted to playing a  trivial game on Facebook.  I recognised the syndrome as I went through it caring for my late mother during her battle with cancer in 2010.   My partner has written about her adventure from diagnose to final chemo sessions, these can be found at her blog Feeding the Soul.  Susan had her belated last chemo session three weeks ago and I am very pleased to say that she is doing well.   It was not just the cancer that put an enforced stop to our activities the additional element and I mean element was water in the form of rain.  We had almost non stop rain between November 2015 and March 2016.  In fact yesterday in Livingston we had heavy sleet turning to snow and a drop in temp to  0c.

In order to counteract the onset of any depression I spent time organising my images and re-editing some of my earlier shots using Adobe Lightroom 5.7 and Google Nik plug in software for Photoshop/Lightroom.    One such image was taken in February 2012 that of a Peregrine Falcon at a photoshoot.  Picture on left  was my  original edit of the shot;  picture on right my latest edit using Adobe Lightroom 5.7 and Google Nik software.


Whilst I like both edits I must admit my preferences is for the newer edited image.

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4 thoughts on “Returning to the Fold

  1. I hope are as back to normal as possible for you both and good to see you back on the photo trail.

  2. Welcome home Walter ! I have been following Susan’s journey and may I say WHAT A WONDERFUL WOMAN YOU HAVE THERE ! She is strong, articulate and so positive and also funny . I am so glad she has come to the end of the treatment and we all hope she continues to regain her health in the coming months , hopefully summer is not too far away . You have been her rock and I’m sure you will continue to support her as always .Thanks to both of you for allowing me into your lives .By the way I love this beautiful photo and can’t pick the better of the two. ORABEST!

    • Hi Margaret – How do I reply to your comment? Thank you for those kind words, though I feel some may not fully apply to me :). I like the latest edit myself 🙂

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