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Red Kite (Milvus milvus) – Argaty Red Kites

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Excerpt from   Scottish Raptor Study Group web site “Between 1989 and 2009 a joint RSPB Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage project was undertaken to reintroduce red kites to Scotland, with the ambition of restoring the bird eventually to all of its former range in the country.”  The nearest Red Kite re-introduction site to my home (Livingston) is at Argaty Red Kites, Lerrocks Farm, Doune.  Excerpt from web site “The farm lies on the Braes of Doune in the area of Central Scotland where the RSPB and Scottish Natural Heritage have reintroduced the red kite. It is with their help that we are providing a facility for enjoying the birds in comfort but without the risk of disturbing what is still a fragile population.”  It is approximately 1 hour drive.  It was here in 2007 I first saw these magnificent scavenging birds.  Since then I have made regular visits to Argaty.  This image was taken on 25th March 2012 with Canon 60D and Sigman 150-500 zoom.


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