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All Change .. Part 2

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Busy day today, just completed the control board for the isolating sections of the layout.  However,  back to the tale in chronological order.  It was over a fortnight before we could create the baseboard (tables) for the miniature railway.  During  that time I expanded the original idea from a steam shed to a steam shed plus station.  In the end the revised layout was an L shape design.  The larger part of the L would be 12 feet, the smaller would be 8 feet, four feet of that would form a fiddle yard/traverser.  the baseboards would be 3 @ 4×2 feet , 1 @ 2×2 feet and the fiddle yard would be 1 @ 6×2 feet.

Construction of the baseboards began on Wednesday 6th July and completed on 8th July ..  Work done by my good friend Sid Morgan.DSC02698


(Photographs courtesy of Susan WAles, used by kind permission).

Once the baseboards were completed, track laying according to the revised, revised layout plan commenced.  At this stage the track was not tacked to the baseboards.

DSC02706 DSC02707

Whilst Susan got on with the backscene ..

IMG_0001All this work culminated in a working test bed.  All of the tracks, turnouts (points) were tested by all models to check for any problem areas.


Testing would continue at each stage/change of design.


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