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Ennitoun – Update 3rd May 2020

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Situation as at 19th April 2020

With that simple test it was time to set up the DCC controller and test a DCC fitted loco. Looking at the diagram image to the left it is a simple procedure to link the two wire (the only wires you need) to the controller.  Ah there is always an Ah at this stagein the proceedings.  When it came to fit the plug from part 6 to the socket part 5 it was found that diameter of the plug was larger that the circumference of the socket. Swear  word time, rant at manufactures that cannot do a basic parts check etc etc. Regardless of language & rant the point was at this stage the project ground to a halt.  The PW Team leader advised the Fat Controller that they were screwed and the job was at a stop until the correct PSU with the correct diameter plug was obtained.  The loss of revenue was the Fat Controller’s fault for ordering incompatible gear.

With luck and Royal Mail being its’ usual service the replacement part will be here on Monday 20th April 2020 and the final test be completed.

Oh the joys of lock-down, model railway and mail order (with priorities being enforced) have added two weeks to a three day project.

Update 20th April 2020

Well the new PSU arrived and was fitted.  Tests was carried out and initially things were looking good, until I felt the hand set getting very warm. At this point I called it a day and once again contacted the supplier.  So much for the much recommended 524-042 Power Cab UK NCE Entry level DCC Starter Set.  I had carried out research and looked at reviews before going for the NCE, perhaps I was unlucky, but when an electrical item does not works straight from the box I tend to get a wee bit annoyed.  I get even more annoyed when the replacement item works but shows up a further fault. In now way do I blame the supplier who did everything they could and with good customer care.  They offered to replace the whole unit but I’m superstitious in the fact that if an item has two strikes I’m not going for the third.  I ended up paying the difference and got DCC06 Gaugemaster Prodigy Express WiFi Digital Control System which arrived on 24th April and I am pleased to state worked 1st time straight from box and still working.

Between 20th April and the 2nd May 202, testing of the system has been extensive (any excuse to run trains.  With thanks to  Bryan Corossan (Clydeside Model Railway Club) I had very little problem with the track.  Thanks to Bryan’s advice I experienced no problems with the track when I eventually got a DCC locomotive running.  At this moment in time there are 11 DCC fitted models on the layout, four have sound fitted:

  • Hornby J36 673 Maude (Sound)
  • Hornby Royal Scot 46165 The Ranger (DCC)
  • Hornby Princess Royal 6201 Princess Elizabeth (DCC)
  • Hornby BR Standard Class 8 71000 Duke of Gloucester (DCC)
  • Hornby Stanier Mogul 42968 (DCC)
  • Hornby Jubilee 45565 Victoria (DCC)
  • Hornby Coronation 6242 City of Glasgow (Sound)
  • Hornby Jubilee 45562 Alberta (DCC)
  • Hornby Coronation 46235 City of Birmingham (Sound)
  • Bachmann 43154 Ivatt Class 4 (DCC)
  • Bachmann 46763 Jinty 3F (Sound)

All locos passed on track and ran fine – I do love the fact that with the sound the locos come alive.  I am currently awaiting three locomotives which will have the following features,  Sound, Flickering fire box, smoke, working oil lamps and crew.   Two other models will undergo a similar upgraded this coming week.


Link to Ennitoun Motive Power Album

Click on image below

NBR J36 Maude 673


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