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Ennitoun – Update 5th May 2020

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DCC with Extras

On 3rd May the DCC stock stood at 11 DCC fitted models on the layout, four have sound fitted:

  • Hornby J36 673 Maude (Sound)
  • Hornby Royal Scot 46165 The Ranger (DCC)
  • Hornby Princess Royal 6201 Princess Elizabeth (DCC)
  • Hornby BR Standard Class 8 71000 Duke of Gloucester (DCC)
  • Hornby Stanier Mogul 42968 (DCC)
  • Hornby Jubilee 45565 Victoria (DCC)
  • Hornby Coronation 6242 City of Glasgow (Sound)
  • Hornby Jubilee 45562 Alberta (DCC)
  • Hornby Coronation 46235 City of Birmingham (Sound)
  • Bachmann 43154 Ivatt Class 4 (DCC)
  • Bachmann 46763 Jinty 3F (Sound)

Yesterday 4th May “The Forth” was with me and a largish parcels containing three locomotives finally arrived.

two were locos that I had sent to be upgraded and they were

Hornby R2226 46203 Princess Margaret Rose (Princess Royal Class)


R2312 46230  City of Chester (Duchess Coronation Class)

The third was a new purchase, Hornby R3195 46247 City of Liverpool  Renumbered and renamed as 46242 City of Glasgow. (now I’ll have to buy the “City of Liverpool and add to my collection (of course it will have the works done to it)

Duchess Coronation a renamed/renumbered R3159 46247 City of Liverpool to 46242 City of Glasgow which replaced my old Hornby-Dublo model.

Each of these models were upgraded with following features:

  • Digital Sound – ESU 58410. Loksound V5
  • Oil Lamps x2
  • Firebox flicker
  • Seuthe Smoke Unit and
  • Crew

by Olivia,s Trains , Sheffield.  Neil (proprietor) has been very helpful to this newbie entering DCC world with strange language of its own.  My first contact was the purchase of a DCC fitted LMS 6242 City of Glasgow (Hornby R2311)  with sound to go with my recently purchased Hornby R3509TTS 46235 City of Birmingham.  While sound was the driving factor Neil asked if I had considered adding smoke. I recalled that Hornby had released some models with smoke units (no sound though) and they did add a little more to the ambience of operating steam outlined locomotives.  My rational was its “The City of Glasgow” – your favourite engine – give it the works” so I did and Olivia’s Trains did. To my utter delight.  Thanks Neil, Erika and team I can fully recommend your five star service.

The City of Glasgow – with Sound, Smoke and screeching brakes.

Link to Ennitoun Motive Power Album

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