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Ennitoun – Update 15th May 2020

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WIth DCC Comes Ambitious Expansion Plans

With the upgrading to DCC (Digital Command Control) and the conversion of 15 locomotives to DCC

  • Hornby J36 673 Maude (Sound)
  • Hornby Princess Royal 6201 Princess Elizabeth (DCC)
  • Hornby Coronation 6242 City of Glasgow (Sound)
  • Hornby Royal Scot 46165 The Ranger (DCC)
  • Hornby Princess Royal 46203 Princess Margaret Rose (The Works)
  • Hornby Coronation 46235 City of Birmingham (Sound)
  • Hornby Coronation 46329 City of Chester (The Works)
  • Hornby Coronation 46242 City of Glasgow (The Works)
  • Hornby BR Standard Class 8 71000 Duke of Gloucester (DCC)
  • Hornby Stanier Mogul 42968 (DCC)
  • Bachmann 43154 Ivatt Class 4 (DCC)
  • Bachmann Jubilee 45565 Victoria (DCC)
  • Bachmann Jubilee 45562 Alberta (DCC)
  • Bachmann Jubilee 45611 Hong Kong (DCC)
  • Bachmann 46763 Jinty 3F (Sound)

The operation of the trains required further thought and careful consideration.  Planning consultation was put in place by the Thinnish Controller – and three plans were presented for consideration:

Current Layout Plan

Proposal Number 1

This proposal put in a 2 line loop (known as a “tail chaser layout” as the loco tries to catch up with its train.  This had the impact of removing 4 lines from the station and introduced the problem of returning a train to the station.

Proposal Number 2

This proposal suggested that the two bottom lines be merged into one line to make the loop.  This was considered very carefully as a station could be sited at bottom loop and permit an addition operation to  replace outgoing engine with incoming.  This was fast the favourite – but a flaw was pointed out <sigh>. Freight traffic was still a diorama instead of an integral working on the system.  Nothing for it but to go back to the drawing board.

Proposal Number 3

The third proposal came from an unpaid consultant

Richard Standing –  An alternative would be rather than taking the loop off the passenger sidings in the fiddle yard, take it off the goods yard instead. That way it could be assumed to go to a coal mine or other mineral extraction plant in one direction, and a harbour (or power station or gas works) in the other, or a forest in one direction and a saw mill in the other, with loaded wagons going one way, and empties coming back.

This was given great deal of thought and the proposal generated the 3rd revision of the planned amendment to the layout.

This plan met the immediate approval of the Thinnish Controller and was approved by the senior person in charge (Felix or was it Mr Loki?).  Alas owing to current restrictions and the lack of materials work cannot commence immediately. Only a third of the platform at the station would be lost> The additional fright loop would introduce more movement and traffic allowing for a variety of trains, freight.  Word has gone out that there is talk of modernisation plans and the introduction of Diesel Multiple Units (DMU).  Staff are now concerned that ith this change more dieselisation will be taking place.  AL have been informed that no intention to remove steam from this layout.

The upgrading of locomotives continues – with approval given to upgrade 16 out of the 21  non-DCC locos being converted to DCC.  the 23 DCC ready locos are awaiting their sound chips to arrive.

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