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Ennitoun – Update – 27th May 2020 – Modernisation Threat

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The Modernisation Threat Confirmed!

For some time there has been speculation that the Thinnish (as then) now Slightly Stoutish Controller (after  8 weeks Lock-down) had been contemplating introducing some new form of modern train, not ultra modern,  but a train not an engine.  Whilst updating the Ennitoun stock album ( it was discovered that a BR Class 110 Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) was on the books.  It had been declared as NON-DCC and was destined to be consigned to the Ennitoun Railway Museum.  At first the controller was happy with that decision, however, as time wore on and the DCC enable locomotives were enjoying a new lease of life it became more apparent that exploratory measures had to be undertaken to check the viability of having the DMU upgraded to run on DCC.

The conversion project was forwarded to Mark Gawthrop at Horns & Whistles Model Railway Workshop.   The consensus reached it was viable and at a reasonable expenditure.  The go-ahead was given and the DMU power car was dispatched to Marks workshop.   A video showing the results of the conversion was shown to the Stoutish Controller. The converted  unit was re-united with the remaining two cars of the set and given a test run on Ennitoun System.  This test run ended the speculation regarding a nearly modern DMU being incorporated into the running vehicles of the SW & WH “Ennitoun MR”.  The slight stutter at the points was due to fact that the DMU was running at a very slow speed and causing a short on the points.  The setting as “2”.  On the return run  and subsequent tests it was ran at normal speed of 3 – 4 with no stutter or hesitation.

In light of the successful conversion an agreement was reached that Horns & Whistles Model Railway Workshop be tasked to undertake conversion of:

Hornby R053 LNER B17  Manchester United and Hornby R1019 LNER A1 Flying Scotsman – currently in their workshops. Latest news is that B17 has been converted but alas no sound as no space for speaker.  A1 is currently undergoing upgrade with (hopefully) TTS Sound.

Further Loco motives will be sent for DCC conversion (with sound where possible) until all stock has been upgraded and avaiable for traffic duties.  Those that are not up-gradable/convertible will be gracefully retired to the “Ennitoun Railway Museum).


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