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Ennitoun – Update – 4th June 2020 – New Locomotives Join Ennitoun Stock

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New Locomotives Join Ennitoun – Changes in Coast

On the 19th April the date that the change over from DC to DCC was implemented the system was in sudden lack of locomotives stage. as these figures from April’s blog revealed:

  • DCC Fitted 9 – able to be run on new system
  • DCC Ready 19 – awaiting fitting of DCC Chip
  • Non-DCC – 33 with possibility of 14 being converted to DCC by fitting chip
  • Possible DCC stock = 42 out of 61 as at 9th April 2020.

As of 19th June 2020 the tale is different:

  • DCC Fitted 23 – able to run on system
  • DCC Ready 22 – Waiting to have sound chips fitted
  • Non-DCC  16 – Confirmed too old (Coarse wheels or Split Chassis – they will be on display in Ennitoun Museum
  • Up-gradable (Previously Non-DCC) 16 (2 undergoing upgrade to sound @ Horns and Whistles Workshops.

Breakdown of DCC Fitted

  • 16 are LMS/Ex-LMS locos
  • 2 are BR Class
  • 5 are LNER/Ex-LNER

West Coast  engines out number East Coast engines by a considerable margine.  If you take in the DCC Ready figures:

  • 17 are LMS/Ex-LMS Locos
  • 2 are BR Class
  • 3 are LNER/Ex-LNER

The West Coast outnumber the East Coast.  Yesterday the balance started to be addressed with the arrival of 2 DCC fitted locomotives (no sound).

Bachmann 32-280 Class K3 61869  EX-LNER

Bachmann 31-716 Class B1 61180 renumbered 6103 Mayflower

A policy change is soon to be implemented – obtain more East Coast Locos.


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