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Ennitoun – Update – 18th July 2020 – Ennitoun Demolished – Shock


Ennitoun  Station & Engine Shed Demolished

Stunned staff bewildered! Owner and Operator unilaterally close down the station and locomotives were put in storage.   It was only 5 days ago a new steam locomotive joined the growing list of locomotives operated by the Ennitoun Owner.  What has gone wrong?  Has he thrown a hissy fit?  Got downhearted with the railway, fallen out with the hobby?

Ennitoun was started by Susan Wales and Walter Hampson with the assistance of Sid Morgan in June 2016 and took shape over the years.  Much work was undertaken by Susan Wales Hampson before her untimely death in September 2019.  This was how it looked on the 13th July 2016

It had undergone considerable change as this image from 1st February 2019 shows:

This image taken at 21:35 BST on 18th July 2020  shows the Current state of the former station/shed site.

Considerable expenditure and investment was made, Conversion to DCC with older non DCC (DC) engines being chipped, some with sound etc.  New Rolling stock purchased as well as locomotives.  The conversion was proving simpler that once thought suddenly all was stopped as Sid arrived and a hurried consultation resulted on all rolling stock and locomotives being removed and placed into long term storage.  When asked for a comment the Owner said simply “You’ll have to wait and see.   What is going on… we need to know!.

5 thoughts on “Ennitoun – Update – 18th July 2020 – Ennitoun Demolished – Shock

  1. Yes we do need to know. I’ll be waiting with bated breath. Loved the setup as it was so something spectacular must be in the works.

  2. Mandy July 26 2020

    What’s happened here then?? WhyOhWhy would someone destroy all that hard work? Who is responsible?? They should be publicly whipped with no knickers on – What a shame –

    • Settle down Mandy, I canny be whipped, I did it as it needed attention. The baseboards needed to be levelled (again), and the legs strengthened and straightened. The layout needed simplifying to bridge the gap and create at least one full circle to run trains. Yes your comment was approved and published. All comments need to be approved otherwise unwanted adverts appear and take over the comments. There will be another update soon.

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