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Ennitoun – Update – 21st/22nd July 2020 – Ennitoun Station Redesigned

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Ennitoun  Station Track Layout Redesigned

21st July 2020 Today’s update answers the question posed on July 19th Update – it was the end of that design of Ennitoun Station.  It had become very noticeable to the owner  that the station layout was no longer fit for purpose.   The closing image was of a potential layout giving 6 platforms instead of 4 and leaving the Engine shed road and a carriage siding between platform 4 & 5.  The previous design had several turnouts/points clustered in centre approach to the station and engine shed line.  The redesign was in line with the plan to “Bridge the Gap” and have at least one continuous circle line – hopefully 2.   A lot of time  has been given to the implementation of this expansion.  Use of computer design software “AnyRails” made the task simpler yet at  the same time a bit awkward as not all went as per the drawings.

Following images shows the extent of the work carried out yesterday (21st July)

The station track work was simplified, and the shed was kept the same.  A test with small tank engine, Flaying Scotsman, City of Glasgow and City of Manchester proved that the smallest & largest locos could get round the system with no problem and that power was getting to all the routes.    Having spent 14 hours  on boards 1 & 2 I called it a day and took a break.

22nd July 2020 – Started on the Station approach and Board 3 – Factory 1  and small siding and progressed to boards 4 & 5 – Fiddle yard and goods depot.  Board 6  The scenic Factory and Housing estate would be converted to track on last stage and the “Bridge the Gap” boards would be in place be end of week (if all goes to plan (hmmmm)).  Well that plan of action went out the window in first 30 minutes.. I realised that I had used the isolating track on the shed layout instead of replacing them with normal track.   On re-assessing the expansion link the station layout needed alteration to remove a diamond crossing which would not be used in the  new layout.   Board 3 main track and sidings would have no change apart from replacing the isolating tracks.  What a palaver that was! Factory and Goods  station had to be removed in total as the track needed replaced (from Hornby to Peco).  Then I had brain failure – total mind wipe.  I realised that the plan I had created in the design software for the good factory/yard was wrong..  Time for a late lunch and relax before I tossed the teddy out with the bed.

Coffee/Lunch was just what I needed – I found that I had 1 picture of the Factory Goods Yard as well as a quick capture in a video -[ Brain recalled what I had done to modify it from original plan.  The last two boards 5 & 6 were reconnected to system, no changes to track – just clearing the factory off of board 6 ready to lay track and then call for the builder to connect board 7 to bridge the gap and (hopefully) have a least with continuous line (tail chaser). A small change was made to station layout  as the middle track originally planned between platforms 2 & 3 was scrapped on removal of the diamond crossing.  This allowed an additional track to the station which became platform 6.  Alas no room for platform 9 3/4 on this layout.

Current state of play images as at 23:11 22nd July 2020.



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