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Ennitoun – Update – 31st July 2020 – Ennitoun Testing of Finalised Layout


Ennitoun  Mark 2 – Testing of Final Revision


31st July 2020  A landmark decision was made – to pin the station & engine shed tracks and secure to boards.. However a minor change had to be made to allow the Factory on board 3 to have its private sidings restored.  On this occasion I decided not use the traditional method of pinning the tracks, especially after the hassle and track damaged on attempting to remove the pins.  I opted to use track screws 8 mm in depth and was very pleasantly surprised at the ease and time it took to cover the shed head shunt and platforms 1 to 5 and main lines up to start of board 3.  Platform 6’s track is awaiting final fixing as the track may be lifted when the “Bridging the Gap” board is put in place.

Prior to the track fixing a lost of testing was covered this week.  80% of the engines were giving a trial and any teaks needed to ensure smooth running were made.  In response to a comment made with respect to when can you see a video?  My answer is now.  I shot a short video for you. A lengthy one regarding time shooting and editing for me 🙂

Please forgive some shakiness and some bad editing/splicing (need when I dropped the video camera.  I really missed Susan more than usual as she was the video expert though I did help with editing.  So without further ado I present The Video of a small running session used to test power, track alignment etc.



4 thoughts on “Ennitoun – Update – 31st July 2020 – Ennitoun Testing of Finalised Layout

  1. Hi there , certainly coming in fine , almost the opposite of mine , one step forward….. I have a coaling tower and an ash tower , recently built , which I’m sure you could make use of in your depot , free to a good home as they say.along with your soon to be ensconced Lady Patricia. Hope all is well with you , be safe ,Frank.

    • Lady Patricia Frank, you have lost me with the reference. I All dd not go to plan with the expansion, in fact it has come to a halt as I need to redesign all from Scratch – which I am reluctant to do at this state. I’ll sit and play with AnyRail to see what can be done.

  2. Brilliant – they look and SOUND so REAL!! – Well done, Walter –

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