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Ennitoun – Update – 26th November 2020 – Plans in Disarray

Plans  Who Needs Plans !!!

As at 26th of  November 2020 – Work has come to a halt on the track layout.  Whilst the new track layout had been successfully carried out and tested. progress track wise ground to a halt  in middle of October owing to the fact that goods ordered where not available and were on back order. It had been planned that all points (30) would be motorised and operational panel installed.  Once the points were upgraded it was then planned that the tracks would be ballasted.  Ballast was ordered and duly received.  Point motors were somewhere on the high seas between China/UK and for all I know may now be at bottom of the oggin!

In last blog dated 5th September a new programme of improvements was put in place.

  1. The conversion of the last 9 non-DCC ready and 16 DCC ready locomotives would be completed before Christmas 2020. (UPDATE – All NON-DCC ready locos have been upgraded to DCC, some with sound, of the 16 DCC ready locos 9 have been chipped, tested and now on layout)
  2. A new project would commence in Spring 2021 with the remaining 16 DC locomotives providing the motive power.  Further details will be announced in January 2021. (UPDATE – this project has been put on hold at this time)
  3. The offer from a ballasting expert to undertake the ballasting of the “Ennitoun” tracks has been grasped with a two hands – there is no getting away with it Frank.  We have dispensed with the last clown who really mucked up the ballasting – (that was me folks). (UPDATE – On hold due to awaiting other remedial work before ballasting can take place)
  4. Prior to the Ballasting,  work will commence in powering the many points/turnouts on the layout – expert advice is currently being sought or some-one to undertake the task out of pity or for a small libation.. (UPDATE – when my ship comes in then and only then can work be completed)
  5. Sourcing of material for the building of bespoke station platforms has been undertaken. (UPDATE – work in progress tracing material)
  6. Questions were raised concerning the time period of the layout.  At present we can run LMS/LNER locomotives from 1923-1948 – BR from 948 – 1966.  Apart from  3 car DMU the remaining locomotives are steam outline, though consideration is being given to obtaining Diesels such as Type 37, 47 & 55. plus others up to 1971. (UPDATE – Decision to run trains under the “ITs My layout I run what I want).

Motive Power (as at 26th November 2020)

Not counting the Class 110 DMU there are 72 steam outline locomotives available to be run on Ennitoun’s tracks, breakdown as follows:


  • 1 J36 “Maude”



  • 2 A4 Mallard, Golden Shuttle
  • 1 A1 Flying Scotsman
  • 1 B17 Manchester United
  • 1 P2 Cock O’ the North


  • 1 A1
  • 1 A3
  • 4 A4 (Update)
  • 1 B1 (Update)
  • 2 B17 (Update)
  • 3 Black Five (Update)
  • 1 BR Standard 8
  • 2 BR Standard 7s (Britannia)
  • 18 Duchess/Princess Coronations (Update)
  • 1 Ivatt 4
  • 1 J38
  • 2 Jinty (Update)
  • 4 Jubilee
  • 1 K3
  • 1 Patriot (Baby Scot)
  • 4 Princess Royals
  • 1 Royal Scot
  • 2 Stanier Moguls

Things still to be done – build station platforms to meet new width and track lengths, ballast track beds, enhance scenery

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