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Ennitoun – Update – 21st February 2021


Blockade Blues – Knockout Blows… 

As at 26th of  November 2020 – Work came to a halt on Ennitoun’s track layout.  Whilst the new track layout had been successfully carried out and tested. progress track wise ground to a halt  in middle of October owing to the fact that goods ordered where not available and were on back order. It had been planned that all points (30) would be motorised and operational panel installed.  Once the points were upgraded it was then planned that the tracks would be ballasted.  Ballast was ordered and duly received.  Point motors were somewhere on the high seas between China/UK and for all I know may now be at bottom of the oggin!

Christmas Knockout

I hope all a good time a Christmas?  I know it is February, however due to an accident at home I missed Christmas preparations, sending cards etc.  On 12 December I had received my final purchase “Hornby R3865 BR Britannia Class 4-6-2  70013 Oliver Cromwell after upgrade to DCC Hornby TTS Sound.  In midst of unpacking and attempting to put the loco on track……………. I found myself attempting to stand up with no idea of how I had fallen.  Somehow I had slipped and knocked myself out (totally unconscious).  On regaining some form of consciousness I made my way to my good neighbours who called ambulance. and I was whisked of to A&E and diagnosed with concussion and recommended that I stay in hospital for the night.  I asked to be let home on the  I had a home on grounds I had a home alert system, home aid, and my neighbours wold check on me.  I was allowed home.

To this day I do not know what happened to make me fall and bang the back of my skull.  The indications were,  bubble wrap near to my work station, the model loco was laying to my left hand side on floor and the screwdriver was under the right hand board.  I appeared to have stood on the bubble wrap and slipped backwards without warning and…..goodnight world.

As a result of the incident:

  • Christmas was a total wipe out.  No cards sent, no presents bought.  I barely went out only to local shop for cat food.  No driving etc.  I read my kindle.
  • I developed an aversion to being in the railway and my layout was left unloved/unwanted until this month when I felt that I could face being back at the scene of mystery.

I owe a great deal to my neighbours who were very supportive during Christmas and January.  It is only recently that I have gone back into the “Railway” room and had a look at the damage to my “new” loco.

January 2021 Cat-astropy & Great British Train Journeys

All is hazy with the first two weeks of January.  I spent most of my time reading (Kindle) and in a semi stupor.  It was Felix that help dragged me back into the world.  He was due his annual medical check at the vets which could not be postponed as his health insurance required this check.  Thankfully I made the effort for the check-up revealed he had a dental problem which need teeth extracted (very expensive is not insured) and during his blood checks for the op it was discovered he had diabetes.  Oh boy.. did that wake me up, my wee pal need insulin for rest of his life and I had to give it to him twice a day. I was adamant that there was no way I could give him an injection, but vet talked my through it and also gave me lessons and now I have no qualms about giving him his insulin injections.  We have go into a routine 1st jab is 07:00 2nd jab 19:00 approx.  It is no so ingrained he comes in waits to be lifted onto the table for his injection, I think it is something to do with the chicken treat he gets after the procedure 🙂

Having become bored with reading I turned to the TV mid January to Mid February and discovered on “Yesterday” Channel Michael Portillo and Great British Railway Journeys.  I sat through series 1 to 10, also Canada, USA, Europe and Indian railway Journeys.  I am currently looking for series 11 DVDs.  The result of watching these series re-awakened my old interest in railways, which in turn, lead me to entering the railway room last week and powered up the track and had a little running session.

February 2021 Loki – Jealous of Felix, Oliver Cromwell Returned to Hornby (Repair)

Loki feeling jealous of the attention Felix was getting promptly decided to have an irritated intestine and with vomiting effect of that – he was taken to the vet for a days observation.  No Loki would on occasion regurgitate his food and on checking I noticed he had eaten grass. I was not concerned about this it is known that cats eat grass and purge their food.   This time it was not caused by grass – so he had a days observation at vests and now on anti acid tablets which I have to give him twice a day.

I contacted Hornby re damage to Oliver Cromwell – which never ran on Enitoun’s tracks and they have agreed to carry out a non-warranty repair, well it was not their fault or a fault in the loco.  Apart from minor detail damage the main damage is to the running gear/valve gear (see image below)

Oliver Cromwell was the last loco I purchased in 2020 – I have 6 pre-ordered for 2021.

Outstanding Tasks

Things still to be done –

  • Re-build station platforms to meet new width and track lengths.
  • Ballast track beds, enhance scenery.
  • Fit 30 point motors to points.
  • Build and test controller board.

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2 thoughts on “Ennitoun – Update – 21st February 2021

  1. Once the world opens up I would like the chance for a viewing Walter! Take care

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