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Ennitoun – Update – 12th June 2020 – City of Sheffield Joins Ennitoun Stock

Hornby “City of Sheffield” & 2 Converted Black Fives Join Ennitoun   

Yet another model of Ex LMS Duchess/Coronation locomotive joins the stock in Ennitoun Shed.  The addition of this model brings the total up to 26.  However, I have three versions of City of Glasgow, 1 in BR Green 2 in LMS black (one will be renamed/renumbered as City of Carlisle),; 2 of “City of Bradford” 1 BR Maroon/Crimson, 1 LMS Black;  2x City of Chester, 1 BR Green and 1 BR Blue;  2x City of Edinburgh , 1 BR Blue, 1 LMS Black; 2x Duchess of Sutherland, 1x BR Green, 1x LMS Black.  That makes 6 duplicates and 20 originals only need 16 more to have the whole set.

46249 “City of Sheffield”

Black 5  44781